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As I find more and more cool stuff, I'll put it here. For the time being, start with this ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL MUST-SEE sites! All of these will open in a new window.

Neubauten.Org - The online home of Einsturzende Neubauten, who brought actual definition to the term "Industrial Music" and went a step further by defining "punk" in the way it was originally meant - to mean "anything you can get away with". A paid membership site, but SO worth it. You will find me if you want me in the chatroom, unless the site goes down again

BMWFilms.com - Clive Owens and Madonna... OOOOOOO! Check it out with a wide bandwidth - these movies take a while to download but they are SO worth it. (Are you noticing a trend here?)

BartCop - the only news fit to believe anymore.

The Dame - my new haunt in downtown Lexington.


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