The Wonderful Wyoming Experience

My friend Dawn lives in Wyoming just outside of Cheyenne, and while I was visiting, we went on adventures off into the west.
We took her kids and headed out, taking in some gorgeous scenery and getting some great pictures.

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To get to wherever we were going, we had to go down a road
called "Happy Jack". As to why it's called that, we have no idea.
The related legend took place in Wisconsin.

Further out on Happy Jack, getting way past the vestiges of

We passed this strange wall, just kind of sitting out in the middle of
a field. It was so... strange. Dawn is using it as a story exercise in
the SUAD forum - write something about this wall in under 1000

Here we are at Crystal Reservoir, a beautiful, out-of-the-way little fishing
and picnicking spot. And by "out-of-the-way", we mean that this is where
all the high-school kids go on weekends to drink beer and make out.
(Remember, the legal drinking age here is 21.) Luckily, we went on a weekday, so there wasn't a lot of traffic.


Another shot of the vista at Crystal Reservoir.

Here I am with Dawn's kids, Miles and Lili, on the shore of Crystal
Reservoir. Lili was trying to figure out how to skip stones, but she
really only managed to make increasingly bigger splashes.

Crystal Reservoir is fed, in part, by Granite Dam, one of the biggest
dams we ran across. The spillways and rocks and trees were
really amazing, but, MAN, is it windy!

Here's part of the scene under Granite Dam.
In the lower left hand area, you can just make out the creek that
runs off of the dam.

As a major part of the adventure, we headed out on random roads,
this being one of them. This was out towards... um... some... place...
that ended in the Crow Reservoir, but heck if we remember
where THAT was....

Here's the view we were rewarded with once we got to Crow Reservoir.
There are lots of great rocks to climb and plenty of interesting sites.
IF you can find this place, it's a wonderful spot to start a campfire
(there are a couple of mostly-natural pits already) and have a
weiney roast.

Had to get a picture sitting on the rocks. The kids weren't so keen about it,
but there's still plenty of time to corru-- er, TEACH them all about
rock climbing and stuff.

Another beautiful view... oh, and there's me, too.

(EDITOR: Actually, I think Shea is just cute as a button.
Don't let her tell you any differently. -Dawn)

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